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Clawson Hose & Harby Parish Council

Serving the people of Clawson Hose & Harby

Clerk: Liz Crowther
11 Harby Lane, Hose, Melton
Mowbray LE14 4JR

Tel: 01949 869477

Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee

The role of the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee is to carry out the following NP tasks on behalf of the Parish Council:

i) Undertake the preparation of an NP for the designated area of the Parish of Clawson, Hose and Harby

ii) Secure external funding for the approval of the Parish Council and take responsibility for planning, budgeting and monitoring expenditure, providing regular feedback to Parish Council meetings for scrutiny and ratification.

iii) Liaise with relevant authorities, organisations and identified Stakeholders to ensure the NP is comprehensive and inclusive.

iv) Identify and implement a wide variety of ways to engage the whole community throughout the process.

v) Appoint Theme Groups as necessary to undertake specific areas of work on behalf of the overall NP Committee, involving additional persons with specific expertise as required.

vi) Be responsible for the analysis arising during the NP process and the production and distribution of the final report.

vii) To work closely with Melton Borough Council throughout the process.

viii) To submit the draft NP for consultation with the Parish Council, local residents and Melton Borough Council

ix) To secure the endorsement of the Parish Council for the final NP document.

x) To prepare the NP for submission to Melton Borough Council

xi) To ensure the NP is in general conformity with Melton Borough Council's existing Core Strategy and takes into account the emerging Local Plan, scheduled to be adopted in 2017.

xii) To ensure the NP meets the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, the Localism Act 2011 and other relevant legislation, including European obligations.