Clawson Hose & Harby Parish Council

Serving the people of Clawson, Hose & Harby

Clerk: Claire Buckle
14 Bolton Lane, Hose, Melton
Mowbray, Leicestershire
LE14 4JE

Tel: 01949 861452

Monthly Funding Information - January 2022

This document includes information about current grants and funding opportunities primarily for Voluntary & Community Sector Groups and Organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises.

Where the Grant title includes an asterisk (*), Local Authorities and other partner organisations may also be eligible to apply for the funding.

This document can also be accessed via the Leicestershire Communities Grants and Funding page.

Grants - Leicestershire Communities

Visit the Leicestershire Communities website for information about Covid-19 specific funding opportunities.

Funding - Covid 19 - Leicestershire Communities

Posted: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 20:39 by Claire Buckle

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